Home Decor Inspo – Getting Cosy for Autumn

Home Decor Inspo – Getting Cosy for Autumn

In my last post, I talked through my autumnal outfit staples. Now for another favourite topic of mine… Home decor inspo!

Autumnal Home Decor Inspo

I’m not overly keen on the garish halloween-type decorations, but I do love a few simple touches to make the house feel more cosy. Especially as we don’t have a fireplace, which I think make all the difference to a cosy living room!

Candles & Fairy lights – Absolute essentials in my house. I have too many tea lights to admit and I hang fairy lights wherever I can (including off dressers and around picture frames…). But the living room feels instantly more cosy when everything is on, and I L-O-V-E it. Nothing like coming home from a long day, lighting some candles, putting pjs on, and eating ice-cream for dinner (yes, I know that’s not a terribly ‘adult’ thing to have for dinner…).

Pumpkins & mini squash – I am obsessed, especially with mini squash. You can use them to decorate your home without it being OTT. And if you love the OTT autumn home decor inspo then they just enhance the overall look! You can pick them up in most supermarkets or greengrocers – I can’t get enough of them!

Next Up…

That’s it for my getting cosy for autumn & home decor inspo. But my next post is going to be all about some autumn faves, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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Getting Cosy for Autumn – Outfits & Inspo

Getting Cosy for Autumn – Outfits & Inspo

If getting cosy for autumn is your thing, then stick around because you’re going to love what’s coming… From autumn outfit staples to home decor touch-ups, this is my recipe for autumnal cosiness!

Autumn Outfit Staples

I go on about it a lot (okay, maybe too much…) but autumn fashion is my absolute favourite. It’s cold enough that wearing boots & tights is acceptable, but not so cold that you have to bundle up so much that fashion goes out of the window.

So, what are my autumn outfit must-haves?

Black ankle boots – I mean, how can you not?! Versitile & super cute, they are a must-have for autumn (or in my case all year round!). I’m also very fond of my knee-high boots too, which can turn a simple outfit into something a tad more fancy (plus I seriously need the leg-lengthening effect!).

getting cosy for autumn outfit must haves lila bailey blog

Next up, oversized scarves – who doesn’t love an oversized scarf (or several)?! I find they finish off an outfit perfectly, especially in the colder months. Although, my easy-to-tangle locks don’t get on so well with scarves, so it’s always a ‘hair-up’ day for me when wearing one.

Lastly, a stylish long coat – Of course, equally as useful in the winter, but more fashionable in autumn when you can leave it undone and show off your (hopefully!) well-put-together outfit underneath. Plus, they make you feel pretty suave, don’t they?!

Whilst I’m here, you also can’t go wrong with a patterned or brightly coloured skirt. I happen to be a sucker for them (can you tell…?).

Getting Cosy for Autumn – Home Decor Inspo

I think that’s enough for one post, but check out my next post for some autumnal home decor inspo!

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Harrogate Recap – Town Highlights

Harrogate Recap – Town Highlights

Harrogate recap, here we go! If you’re at all familiar with Harrogate, you’ll know that it’s a lovely town (with some even lovelier shops!). As its second hand September, I kept myself away from the clothes shops, and stuck to soap shops & eateries instead. I thought my top 3 highlights would be useful for anyone who fancies a trip up North!

Mama Doreen’s – A recap

You may have seen the picturesque setting that is Mama Doreen’s (or Mama Ds) on my Instagram stories… Safe to say it was far from disappointing! Apparently an old favourite of the town that had happened to open it’s brand new premises the weekend we were there.

mama doreen's harrogate recap post lila bailey

American Diner meets British Tea Room, and it was fabulous. The decor was stunning and the staff were dressed up to the nines! Highly recommend a visit.

The Yorkshire Soap Co

Another recap, as I also posted this fab place on my stories! Next door to Mama Ds (and equally as picturesque) was The Yorkshire Soap Co. Soaps, candles, bath bombs, fragrances, you name it! Lining the shelves like sweets in a traditional sweet shop…

Hopefully second hand September only applies to clothes, because it just would’ve been rude not to purchase a couple of bits!

The Top Spot!

And, of course, the place that takes number 1 spot in my recap of Harrogate is… Bettys! (Duh!).

The perfect way to end a 5-day excursion to Harrogate is absolutely afternoon tea at Bettys. They’ve expanded the tea room a lot since I was last there, and have definitely squeezed in many more tables. Which meant it didn’t have quite the same atmosphere as it used to, but it’s still a firm fave and a number one recommendation for your visit to Harrogate!

So there are my Harrogate faves for you, and let me know if you’ve already visited any of them!

If you haven’t already, check out my previous post where I chat to my good friend Imogen about her stationery business.

Every Goose | Guest Post

Every Goose | Guest Post

As I am lucky enough to have a huge amount of talented friends & colleagues, I want to introduce ‘guest’ blog posts on my website. Starting with Imogen who owns the illustration company ‘Every Goose’.

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog

I worked with Imogen back in 2014 for a illustration company in Tavistock called ‘From Lucy’. We hit it off pretty much immediately and have since stayed very much in touch with each other. Imogen lives in Manchester with her fiancé, Dave, and runs a very successful illustration business of her own, creating cards, wedding stationery, and a whole range of bespoke prints & products.

Imogen kindly sent me a selection of her Every Goose wedding cards to share on my blog, but do check out her Etsy shop, Instagram, and website to see what else she does (links are at the end of this post).


The Woman Behind Every Goose

I think the best way to showcase someone’s business is to hear from them directly. So I asked Imogen a few questions about Every Goose, which she has answered below. And I think we can all agree she’s a brilliant and talented young woman!

What is your favourite thing about owning your own business?
My favourite thing about owning my own business is seeing my designs ‘out in the wild’, so to speak. It’s exciting to see people sending out my cards or wedding invites, it feels like a big achievement! I also really like setting my own hours and not having to commute anymore. If I need to do extra work I can stay on my laptop for longer and if I’m having a creative block I can go for a walk or nip to the shops to clear my head!
On reflection, starting out on my own has also made me push myself more. I feel braver, more productive and more confident than I once was, which is a nice feeling!

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog

What are the biggest difficulties/challenges you have faced?
The biggest difficulties have been managing my workload so far. At the moment I’m taking freelance projects and bespoke wedding stationery orders, as well as creating my own range of greetings cards and prints. Some months are feeling like I have agreed to too many projects and given myself loads of work, other months being slow and knowing I won’t make as much money as I would like that month. I’m learning that that is just the freelance way, and I’m trying to spend my time wisely when its quiet to design products for the upcoming gifting seasons!Also, social media. Its a minefield! I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about it. Saying that, Instagram has been a really great platform for me so far. There’s a lovely creative community out there.

What has been your favourite illustration projects you’ve worked on since starting your business?
One of my favourite projects came early on when I started the business at the beginning of this year! I created some illustrations of a wildlife friendly garden for the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. It was lovely to work for a cause, and see my illustrations reach a wide audience.Products-wise, I really like creating custom wedding day prints, whether it be maps or venue portraits. I’ve had the pleasure of illustrating lots of wedding venues this year and the reaction from the customer is always so lovely! 

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog

Was there anything in particular that gave you the push to go out on your own?
Yes! I was working for a small online stationery and gift business, which was really successful, but I had been there for a few years and felt like the time was right to do my own thing. I’m ever so glad I had my experience working for other creative people before starting out on my own.

Any advice for others who might want to start their own illustration company?
I’m always one to never feel like I’m qualified to give advice (self-sabotage talking) but in this case, I feel like I am learning something new every day. Be prepared to not only work really hard designing lovely things but also to take on the masses of extra ‘jobs’ which come with running your own business. You are your own marketing and social media team, treasurer, book keeper and agent. My mind always feel very full as there’s so much to think about!

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog


To see more of Imogen’s work, check out her links below!





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1 Year to Go! Planning Update

1 Year to Go! Planning Update

Here we are, 1 year to go until the wedding! I actually cannot believe how quickly time has flown since that magical morning on Dartmoor in April last year.

I’m feeling pretty bloomin’ buzzed for the wedding now. And I know I’ve done plenty of planning updates, but I thought I’d do a little ‘1 year to go’ overview.

1 year to go wedding planning update lila bailey blog

Engaged to 1 year to go – What has changed?

Honestly? Almost nothing! I guess I’ve always kind of known what I wanted for my wedding. But, naturally, there have been one or two small changes…

You might remember from one of my previous posts that when we first got engaged we initially wanted to hire a marquee and have an unlimited amount of guests… Well, this never truly sat right with me. We were always going to use the barn for our drinks reception, and move to the marquee for the meal & evening reception (mainly due to the barn’s capacity, or lack of). Even that didn’t feel like ‘us’ though, so in the end we decided to just hold the whole wedding (minus the service, obvs) in the barn. It’s meant that we’ve had to be stricter with our guest numbers, but honestly that has been a blessing in disguise.

1 year to go wedding planning update lila bailey blog

Another change was initially wanting to go on honeymoon the day after our wedding, but we found this left us with relatively limited options for where we could go. And also meant we may not be able to take quite as much time off from work as we’d like to. So instead we’ve decided to go on a ‘mini-moon’ the day after our wedding, go back to work for a couple of weeks, and then go on honeymoon (probably the first week in October).

Other than those two things, everything else is pretty much the same! One of the beauties of having a longer engagement has meant we’ve had more time to make our decisions, and therefore haven’t made any that we’ve come to regret.

12 months on the clock… What are my main worries?

With now only 1 year to go, my biggest worry is of course that the barn is not finished. But, it is getting there and mostly it’s just cosmetic jobs to do now (rather than structural) which won’t take nearly as long as the rest of it has done (finger crossed, anyway….!).

The most stressful thing on my planning agenda recently has been sorting the hire of items for the catering & tables etc. But I’m almost there with it now and I will feel a whole lot better when it’s done! Have any of you needed to hire items for your wedding? It’s definitely a tick in the ol’ hire-a-planner box, if that’s something you are deliberating over.

1 year to go wedding planning update lila bailey blog

My third and final worry is the outfits for the bridal party (bridesmaids, ushers, littlies). We won’t be able to sort the bridesmaid dresses until December time (one of my bridesmaids is away until then), but I had a good look through some of the new bridesmaid collections at Harrogate this week and found some I loved. Hopefully the girls will be able to make a trip down in December and we can get bridesmaid dresses ticked off this list!

Then it’s the suits & kilts to worry about… but we’re getting there!

In Conclusion…

Making sure the wedding hasn’t consumed my life has been a big thing for me, and I’m pleasantly surprised about how little I think about it day-to-day. Mostly when I do think about it, it’s just excitement for the day itself! Nothing worse than being one of those brides who can think/talk about nothing else… Something to watch out for if you’re engaged yourself!

Whilst there are still bits to do, I’m mostly just going to enjoy this next year as much as possible. I’ve absolutely loved being engaged – it is truly the most magical time, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited for the wedding, but I’m definitely going to make the most of my last year as a fiancée!

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