7 months to go… eeek! So, as promised, I’m doing monthly planning update posts (have a read of last month’s post here). How is time passing so fast?! I blinked and now we’re on the 12th of Feb… So where am I up to with our wedding planning?

I set myself a couple of goals for things to get sorted last month, and I’ve done some (but not all…).

Last Month’s Agenda

With 8 months to go, I wanted to focus on the boys’ outfits and booking our mini-moon. And I’d say I achieved 60%… The good news is that we paid the deposits on the kilts and we booked our mini-moon (yay!!). The bad news is that we haven’t got any further with the suits. That being said, we’re off to Bristol on Monday to get those sorted. And I am determined to make a decision!!

Also since my last update post, we have met with the vicar finalise our order of service. And I met with our florist last week to sort the flowers! We haven’t quite finalised the flowers yet, but the wheels are in motion. Which is the main thing!

I also finalised our wedding gift list, and sent the text for the invitations over to our stationer… It’s all starting to get very real!

wedding planning update 7 months to go lila bailey blog
Wedding Photographer

7 Months to Go – The Agenda

Okay, so, 7 months to go. What am I focussing on this month? Well, the suits of course (I am not getting to 6 months having not sorted the suits, that’s for sure!!). We’re also choosing our wedding rings on Monday which is very exciting!

I spoke on Instagram last night about a wedding day ‘scent’, i.e. having a particular perfume that you’ve never worn before to splurge on for your wedding day. I also like the idea of having a candle burning with the same scent, so I’m thinking a trip to Jo Malone is needed! Since we are going to Bath on Monday anyway, I’m probably going to try and sort my wedding perfume in the Jo Malone store there. A busy day indeed – be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram page for updates!

That’s quite an agenda for one day, and there’s still the rest of the month! I’m aiming to get the invitations out before the 12th of March. Hopefully in my next post they too will be ticked off the list! Finalising flowers is also likely to happen this month, and I’m trying on my wedding dress calico for the second time at the end of Feb. Which means my actual wedding dress is going to be made very soon – omgggg!!

7 months to go lila bailey blog wedding planning update

Any Other Updates

It feels like as I tick something off my list, something else gets added on! But that’s all part of it, right? I’ve delegated a few jobs to my parents’ because they’re keen to help (and there are a number of things I have no interest in sorting. Like planting the flowerbeds outside the barn, for example…).

Are you getting married soon? Where are you up to with your planning process? Let me know!