Lila Bailey is a brand I have created by combining my biggest passions. It’s a place to share my professional wedding tips & advice, a space for promoting positivity & well-being, and a platform to share my journey navigating my 20s.

Who is Lila Bailey

To know more about Lila Bailey, you must first know more about me. Hi, I’m Bethany! The gal behind the brand. I’m a qualified wedding & event planner, blogger, social media executive, venue manager, bride-to-be, and lover of oversharing my life online!

I created ‘Lila Bailey’ back in 2016 when I was studying wedding & event management, whilst also working in Bridal fashion. I didn’t know where this path would take me, or even really where I wanted it to go. But I was ready to start something and watch it develop, adapt, and thrive.

Since then, I’ve worked for two wedding venues and taken others on as freelance clients. I also do social media work and am involved in my family business. And (just for good measure) I write a blog & run an Instagram account, sharing snippets of my life and my work.

Alongside me is my #instagramhusband (aka my fiancé, Euan). He appears online every so often, but is always in the background taking pics, making me laugh, and supporting me in every way he can. Together we are the small & mighty team that is Lila Bailey.

What Lila Bailey Does


Sharing a combination of wedding tips & advice, life snippets, home interiors & lifestyle, seasonal posts, and my own wedding planning journey. 

Wedding Planning & Venue Management

From full wedding planning or on-the-day co-ordination, to submission work or venue release management. Let me know what you need, and I’ll be there…


Taking my love for writing & advice up a notch with my resources page. Downloads & printables to help you with your planning!

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