Who is Lila Bailey?

who is lila bailey blog post

Good question! And one I’ve been asked a lot recently. So who actually is Lila Bailey? Well, not a real person for a start. ‘Lila’ and ‘Bailey’ are both names which I selected pretty carefully when I was deciding on a business name. But I’ve realised that they both need a bit of explaining!


Who is Lila?

who is lila bailey blog post wedding photo

Lila (pronounced L-ill-a, not L-eye-la) is one of my middle names. I’ve always preferred Lila to Bethany (although I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case if my given name was Lila). But the significance of Lila to my business goes a lot deeper. So, if you’ve read my about page then you’ll know that wedding dresses are a huge passion of mine. One day I hope that ‘Lila Bailey’ will be a wedding dress brand, but we’ll see… Anyway, my parents gave me the name Lila because the lady who designed and made my mother’s wedding dress in the 90s was called Lila (plus it’s a super pretty name). I mean, that’s pretty meant to be. Before I even started making any official plans for my business, I knew I wanted Lila in the name somehow. So that’s Lila!


Who is Bailey?

who is lila bailey blog post grandma ‘Bailey’ is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name. She was an opera singer back in the day, and was a big influence throughout my childhood. As well as weddings, music is a huge part of my life. Particularly singing. And my grandma gave me my ability to sing, and also taught me to play piano. She was very special to me, and when I was in the early stages of figuring my business out, she sadly died. I knew I wanted to honour her, but not through ‘Teague’ (her married name) as she had her career as an opera singer before she was married. So her maiden name seemed much more fitting.

It also meant that my business name was not my name as I have never wanted that, but it still held close connections to me. And actually I feel that Lila Bailey is a super special name as it stands for so much, and has a lot more meaning than if I’d just used my own name.

Fabulously Floral…

Lila Bailey Wedding flowers

Fabulously Floral


Florals with a fabulous edge… Well, as you may have noticed, I co-ordinated a fabby floral photoshoot recently at the amazing wedding venue, Ever After, where I have been working a lot recently. The setting was just perfect and the photos… wow!

The sun was shining but there was just enough cloud for Charlotte to get perfect lighting on her wonderful shots… It’s always worth remembering that sometimes a little cloud on your wedding day is actually preferable to harsh beaming sunshine. Just ask any photographer, they’ll be sure to tell you!

Ever After has the most magical floral feel. It is so idillic and peaceful, and the gardens are just breathtaking. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been anywhere quite like it! Perfect for a stunning garden wedding, and they also do intimate winter elopements too!

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot


Fabulously floral Katherine Milligan from Millifleur provided an array of to-die-for flowers, capturing the natural feel of the venue with a sneaky hint of modern. She is definitely the go-to florist for your wedding… Have a cheeky peak at her website! Possibly the nicest lady around, and I can’t wait to work with her again!

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot



Need a photographer? Thankfully you are in the right place. Charlotte from Charlotte Dart Photography and Film took some incredible shots (well, you can see that for yourself!) and she was a darling to work with. She was quick off the mark at editing and getting them back to us, and I loved them so much I had to totally update my website to do them justice!

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot


Now, you probably don’t need a model for your wedding, but just in case here is Alice, our gorgeous model who very kindly agreed to help us out last minute and doesn’t she just look wonderful?! She was natural and easy and made the photoshoot work like a dream. We abso-fabso-lutely couldn’t have done it without you Alice, so thank you a million!

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot

Lila Bailey Fabulously Floral Photoshoot


Styled right? I sure hope so!

Feeling inspired? Your wedding could look just like this! Find out more about how we can help you create this amazing floral affair by visiting our weddings page

Empty Box Company Open Event

Open Workshop and Outlet Sale

So it’s taken me a little longer than anticipated to get this blog post up… But better late than never, eh?

We had a fantastic time planning and co-ordinating the ‘Open Workshop and Outlet Sale’ event at The Empty Box Company. It was a very creative day with handmade boxes crafted by visitors. Plus the event was home to boxes in discontinued designs at reduced prices, and the glorious cakes provided by Cakes Bakes and Shakes, and Ruby Walker.

It was the first time The Empty Box Company had held an event like this. Opening their workshop doors was a fabulous success! Everyone left saying what a wonderful day it had been. Many people didn’t know the company had a workshop in Devon, despite it being up and running for almost 10 years! As an event planner, it’s great to hear positive feedback because it means the event you have planned has been worthwhile for your client.


And the best part? Event planners get to showcase the boxes!

EBC staff made an appearance, helping out with the ‘make-your-own-box’ stations. Bespoke boxes in wallpaper visitors had brought along were also made – how utterly talented!


All-in-all it was a very enjoyable and successful day with almost 100 people visiting! Below are a few more images from across the day…

(Nutmeg had earned her beauty sleep!)

Want some help with planning services? We would love to chat!


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And… breathe!

Okay, so I’ve officially opened the business Facebook page for Lila Bailey. It might seem like a small thing, but it is the final step to Lila Bailey’s online presence and I’m quite nervous. But it’s done, it’s there, and there’s no going back now…

If you have a minute, pop over to Lila Bailey’s Facebook Page and give us a ‘like’. We are also on Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you,

B x


First Blog Post!

Welcome to Lila Bailey’s very first blog post…

Hello lovely people. It is a beautiful April day and I’m sitting in the sunshine looking forward to the summer and all the weddings ahead. Today I’m working on the website and brainstorming different styled shoot ideas in collaboration with Milli Fleur and The Empty Box Company, two of Lila Bailey’s recommended suppliers. It is an exciting time as things are starting to come together, but there is still so much on the horizon… I wish it could all be done now! But the greatest things often take the longest time (or so I keep telling myself).

This morning I visited the gorgeous Dartmoor venue, Ever After, at Lower Grenofen. I may be biased but I do think it is just the most phenomenal place, especially in the sunshine; I am very much looking forward to co-ordinating weddings there this summer.

Well, thanks for checking in and I hope you have a magical day.


B x