As I am lucky enough to have a huge amount of talented friends & colleagues, I want to introduce ‘guest’ blog posts on my website. Starting with Imogen who owns the illustration company ‘Every Goose’.

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog

I worked with Imogen back in 2014 for a illustration company in Tavistock called ‘From Lucy’. We hit it off pretty much immediately and have since stayed very much in touch with each other. Imogen lives in Manchester with her fiancé, Dave, and runs a very successful illustration business of her own, creating cards, wedding stationery, and a whole range of bespoke prints & products.

Imogen kindly sent me a selection of her Every Goose wedding cards to share on my blog, but do check out her Etsy shop, Instagram, and website to see what else she does (links are at the end of this post).


The Woman Behind Every Goose

I think the best way to showcase someone’s business is to hear from them directly. So I asked Imogen a few questions about Every Goose, which she has answered below. And I think we can all agree she’s a brilliant and talented young woman!

What is your favourite thing about owning your own business?
My favourite thing about owning my own business is seeing my designs ‘out in the wild’, so to speak. It’s exciting to see people sending out my cards or wedding invites, it feels like a big achievement! I also really like setting my own hours and not having to commute anymore. If I need to do extra work I can stay on my laptop for longer and if I’m having a creative block I can go for a walk or nip to the shops to clear my head!
On reflection, starting out on my own has also made me push myself more. I feel braver, more productive and more confident than I once was, which is a nice feeling!

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog

What are the biggest difficulties/challenges you have faced?
The biggest difficulties have been managing my workload so far. At the moment I’m taking freelance projects and bespoke wedding stationery orders, as well as creating my own range of greetings cards and prints. Some months are feeling like I have agreed to too many projects and given myself loads of work, other months being slow and knowing I won’t make as much money as I would like that month. I’m learning that that is just the freelance way, and I’m trying to spend my time wisely when its quiet to design products for the upcoming gifting seasons!Also, social media. Its a minefield! I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about it. Saying that, Instagram has been a really great platform for me so far. There’s a lovely creative community out there.

What has been your favourite illustration projects you’ve worked on since starting your business?
One of my favourite projects came early on when I started the business at the beginning of this year! I created some illustrations of a wildlife friendly garden for the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. It was lovely to work for a cause, and see my illustrations reach a wide audience.Products-wise, I really like creating custom wedding day prints, whether it be maps or venue portraits. I’ve had the pleasure of illustrating lots of wedding venues this year and the reaction from the customer is always so lovely! 

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog

Was there anything in particular that gave you the push to go out on your own?
Yes! I was working for a small online stationery and gift business, which was really successful, but I had been there for a few years and felt like the time was right to do my own thing. I’m ever so glad I had my experience working for other creative people before starting out on my own.

Any advice for others who might want to start their own illustration company?
I’m always one to never feel like I’m qualified to give advice (self-sabotage talking) but in this case, I feel like I am learning something new every day. Be prepared to not only work really hard designing lovely things but also to take on the masses of extra ‘jobs’ which come with running your own business. You are your own marketing and social media team, treasurer, book keeper and agent. My mind always feel very full as there’s so much to think about!

every goose guest blog post lila bailey blog


To see more of Imogen’s work, check out her links below!





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