Harrogate recap, here we go! If you’re at all familiar with Harrogate, you’ll know that it’s a lovely town (with some even lovelier shops!). As its second hand September, I kept myself away from the clothes shops, and stuck to soap shops & eateries instead. I thought my top 3 highlights would be useful for anyone who fancies a trip up North!

Mama Doreen’s – A recap

You may have seen the picturesque setting that is Mama Doreen’s (or Mama Ds) on my Instagram stories… Safe to say it was far from disappointing! Apparently an old favourite of the town that had happened to open it’s brand new premises the weekend we were there.

mama doreen's harrogate recap post lila bailey

American Diner meets British Tea Room, and it was fabulous. The decor was stunning and the staff were dressed up to the nines! Highly recommend a visit.

The Yorkshire Soap Co

Another recap, as I also posted this fab place on my stories! Next door to Mama Ds (and equally as picturesque) was The Yorkshire Soap Co. Soaps, candles, bath bombs, fragrances, you name it! Lining the shelves like sweets in a traditional sweet shop…

Hopefully second hand September only applies to clothes, because it just would’ve been rude not to purchase a couple of bits!

The Top Spot!

And, of course, the place that takes number 1 spot in my recap of Harrogate is… Bettys! (Duh!).

The perfect way to end a 5-day excursion to Harrogate is absolutely afternoon tea at Bettys. They’ve expanded the tea room a lot since I was last there, and have definitely squeezed in many more tables. Which meant it didn’t have quite the same atmosphere as it used to, but it’s still a firm fave and a number one recommendation for your visit to Harrogate!

So there are my Harrogate faves for you, and let me know if you’ve already visited any of them!

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