Ah, Weddings! The driving force behind almost everything I do… Currently, I work for a stunning wedding venue in the heart of the Devon countryside. So most of my posts & photos will be from there (who can complain?).

Weddings have always been a huge part of my life, quite literally from birth. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s overwhelming and amazing to be such a huge part of the most important day of two peoples’ lives, and it’s a feeling that never leaves you.

I’m the venue owner’s assistant, which means I do a bit of everything. And it’s wonderful. I work closely with couples in the months leading up to their wedding, making sure every detail is accounted for and everyone knows exactly whats happening. On the day I’m there to make sure the wedding runs smoothly, everyone is where they need to be, timings are kept to, suppliers have arrived when they should, etc etc. It’s full-on but it’s worth it.

As with any business, there is so much going on behind-the-scenes. When I’m not working on a wedding, I’m working on social media, writing blog posts, submitting real weddings, updating brochures, and lots of other business development-y things.

So, basically, weddings are my ‘thing’ and don’t expect me to shut up about them, because I won’t.