The Bishop’s Palace Interview – What am I up to?

The Bishop’s Palace Interview – What am I up to?

In my last post, I outlined the main things I’m up to at the moment. And, as promised, here is the first of the more detailed posts! Starting with my interview at The Bishop’s Palace.

So, The Bishop’s Palace… How did it start? Well, quite by chance the job came across my radar. I’d always loved the area (Wells) as my Auntie had lived there for many years, plus it’s close to our fave UK city (Bath), so – on a whim – I applied and thought nothing else of it. A few weeks later I had an email inviting me to interview – I was so shocked but also incredibly thrilled!

The Interview

The interview prep was quite intense, and I worked very hard on making sure I knew what I was going to say. I had to prepare a show-round of the Palace (having never been there before!), to be followed by a formal interview and short written test. Safe to say I was pretty nervous! I spoke to my Auntie who gave me some inside knowledge on Wells and what she knew of The Bishop’s Palace, which helped me feel more equipped for the interview.

For me, the most important part of this was the experience. I’d never had an interview as formal as this so I really wanted to make the most of it from a personal development point of view.

So, the interview happened and I thought it went the best it could have done. But I didn’t at all think I would get the job. Alas, I did! And what a beyond wonderful feeling that was. To have had an interview of that level and to have been their preferred candidate honestly felt surreal.

Going Forward

They wanted me to start at the beginning of January, and by this point it was early December so decisions had to be made quickly. Ordinarily, I like to take my time over big decisions, but sometimes you do just have to make snap judgements and go with it.

My situation at that point was safe and easy. I knew what I was doing in my current job, the business was less than 10 minutes away, and I did the majority of my work from home. However, there was something inside me that deep down knew it was time to move on. I had learnt a huge amount but it was getting to that point where I was starting to outgrow the job. At times I felt like a baby bird who had her wings but wasn’t allowed to fly. And I decided it was time to fly.

More in my Next Post…

I think that’s enough from me for one post! In my next post I’ll explain more about The Bishop’s Palace itself and the work I do there.

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