Rewritten Bridesmaid Dress Photoshoot

Rewritten Bridesmaid Dress Photoshoot

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Rewritten Mykonos bridesmaid dress in Chianti – Modelled by bridesmaid Ruby

A few months ago I came across Rewritten, makers of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, and was utterly thrilled when Fran responded to my collaboration enquiry saying they would happily gift me a bridesmaid dress for review. I was even more thrilled when the dress arrived and was – of course – incredible.

The original plan was to wear the dress myself and get my obliging fiancé to take some pics. But, it quickly dawned on me that – yes – I have a fiancé, and I also have bridesmaids. Duh! So onto the bridesmaid group chat I popped, and with two of my bridesmaids living near London, it was Ruby (the only local bridesmaid) who was nominated.

Rewritten Bridesmaid Photoshoot – Who was involved?

Having one of my actual bridesmaids model the dress definitely gave a very authentic feel to the shoot. And whilst we’re trying to keep things authentic, where better place to have the photoshoot than outside the barn we’re having our wedding reception in?

Thanks to Ruby’s genius suggestion, our fabulous beauty blogger friend, Evie, was our designated photoshoot makeup artist. And I even persuaded my brother (and usher at our wedding), Selwin, to put on a suit and model alongside Ruby.

The Photoshoot Itself – Behind the Scenes

The brilliantly talented Evie was on the makeup, and we had a fantastic morning laughing at everything & nothing whilst Ruby got dolled-up.

Luckily, it was one of the slightly warmer days in December as we ventured out to the barn. For those of you who have been following my Instagram stories, you’ll know that inside the barn isn’t quite, photo ready, shall we say? Anyway, we stuck to the exterior…

The Dress – Rewritten Mykonos dress in Chianti

Now for the important stuff! What was the Rewritten Bridesmaid Mykonos dress actually like? Personally, I loved it. There is just enough fabric to give it a substantial feel (and eliminate any danger of a see-through skirt), but without it feeling too heavy and hard to wear. The shape is incredibly flattering (especially on gorgeous Ruby), created by small details such as the delicate pleating at the front and the seams falling in just the right place across the chest. The sleeves finish the dress off, taking a simplistic design and turning it into a fashion masterpiece. I also love the Chianti colour – definitely a colour & style that can be worn again.

And what did our model think? Ruby definitely approved. She said the dress was very nice and the material was soft. Ruby normally wears a UK size 10, and the dress (size XS) fit her perfectly across her torso, with the chest area being slightly tight. With a pair of heels the length was good, and I think we can all agree she looked bloomin’ marvellous!

Thank-Yous and Links

A HUGE thank you to the team at Rewritten, especially Fran, for gifting this stunning dress and giving me free-rein to give my honest opinion.

Thank-yous also to Ruby & Selwin for being willing & stunning models, and Evie for doing a superb job on Ruby’s makeup.

I have made a little behind-the-scenes Youtube video of the shoot, which you can find here.

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