Wedding Venue Management

If you’re a venue looking for a wedding co-ordinator without having to commit to taking on an employee, look no further.

The beauty about my freelance work is it’s incredibly flexible for you as a venue. From working closely within a venue currently, I know how difficult it can be to offer someone a full-time wedding management position when you realistically only need a helping hand on the wedding day and maybe a small amount either side of that. Finding full-time work for an employee is a whole different story.

My services as a wedding manager include meeting with the couple around 3 months before their wedding date and discussing their ‘wedding dream’, contacting all their suppliers on behalf of the venue and generating a wedding day running order/timeline so that everyone has all the information in one place. On the day itself I will work for up to 12 hours and my job is to keep on top of timings, manage suppliers, organise the smooth running of the day, and ensure that the couple have the wedding of their dreams. 

I can be available for as many weddings as you need me to be, and can either be part of your wedding package or given as an optional extra to couples. If you’d like a little bit more from me, I’m available to do some ‘behind-the-scenes’ bits (e.g. submission work, blog posts, uploading reviews & real wedding images, etc). And I can also be around to help with set-up the day before the wedding, if this is something you offer to couples.

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